Davis® Stepping Stones Workshop

We understand…

Autism, and can help you unlock potential

Are you a dedicated parent, educator, therapist or caregiver tired of seeing your child or student struggle with the challenges that come with autism?

Do you wish you could help them so that their everyday experiences aren’t a source of stress and overwhelm?

Are you experiencing frustration and overwhelm due to the challenges of sensory sensitivities, meltdowns, social interactions, and communication barriers? Are traditional approaches failing to bring about any meaningful change?

If any of these resonate, you’ve come to the right place!

At Davis, our understanding of autism’s unique challenges and strengths stems from the fact that our methods were developed by an autistic genius to assist others like him. This uniqueness is what sets our methods apart, making them truly special and life-changing.

What is the Davis® Stepping Stones Workshop?

The Davis® Stepping Stones Workshop offers Davis methods in a form specially tailored to the needs of parents, educators, therapists, and caregivers of younger autistic individuals who may be facing challenges in meeting early childhood development milestones, as well as those with limited language abilities.

Grounded in our philosophy of celebrating neurodiversity, the workshop empowers you with insights and innovative strategies to unlock potential and foster growth from the earliest developmental stages.

This transformative two-day experience guides you through every aspect of the Davis® Stepping Stones program, equipping you with practical techniques tailored to the specific needs of these individuals. This comprehensive training will enable you to effectively implement the Stepping Stones program with a young child autistic child or a non-speaking autistic individual of any age, whether at home, school, or in a therapy setting.

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What you will gain

Whether you’re a family member, educator, or therapist, you’ll walk away with renewed confidence and a deeper understanding of how to navigate the world of autism. By the end of the workshop, while not yet an expert, you will have gained invaluable insights and skills needed to support the growth and development of younger children and non-speaking autistic individuals, and to guide them through a Davis® Stepping Stones Program, making a profound difference in their lives .

Insights, strategies and support

Attending this intensive five-day workshop will enable you to:

  • Gain invaluable insights into the unique needs, challenges, and gifts of younger children and non-speaking autistic individuals.
  • Discover effective alternatives to behaviorism and rote learning, making learning interactive, meaningful, and enjoyable.
  • Explore effective strategies for promoting communication and social development in younger children and non-speaking individuals.
  • Learn practical techniques for supporting self-awareness and managing sensory sensitivities as well as sensory and emotional regulation.
  • Understand the core principles and steps of the Davis Stepping Stones program. Discover how it helps autistic individuals under the age of 8, or those with very limited language, to develop the foundational life lessons needed to complete essential early childhood development stages, unlocking the potential of every child, regardless of their communication abilities.
  • Gain experience of how to Implement engaging and developmentally appropriate learning experiences effectively, including through creative, hands-on approaches that ensure the learning is truly mastered and can be transferred across a variety of situations.
  • Learn how to facilitate essential skills for promoting independence and autonomy in daily routines and activities, setting your child on a path towards a fulfilling and self-determined life.
  • Gain practical mental strategies for self-awareness, self-regulation, and managing sensory experiences, ensuring you remain calm and relaxed while working with your child.
  • Cultivate a supportive network of peers and professionals to share experiences and resources beyond the workshop setting.



“What inspired me to help others with autism is that I am myself autistic. I know what it feels like and I know the limitations that exist as a result of it. I realized that, given I had found my own way through this chaos [of autism], I could provide a ‘map’ for others of my kind to follow – then there would be value in my existence. The Davis Autism Approach is my best effort at providing that map. ”

Ron Davis, Founder of the Davis Autism Approach®

“This workshop was inspiring, informative, and some of the best professional development we have experienced around the areas of autism and Asperger’s. As adult learners, we felt valued and inspired to move forward with your program.”

Teacher, New Zealand

“While at the workshop, there were so many instances that ‘clicked’ for me as I thought about my students. I’m excited to put what I’ve learned here into practice in my classroom.”

Special education teacher, USA

“The workshop has helped me to see a real path for my son’s life, for his ability to create and realize his potential – to be happy in his skin.”

Father/clinical psychologist, Australia

How you will learn

Our comprehensive workshop spans two days, offering an immersive and practical learning experience. Whether you join us in person or virtually, our experienced and skillful presenters will provide personalized guidance in a supportive and engaging environment.

With limited group size to ensure the highest quality of training, each day of the workshop is carefully structured to cover essential topics, delivered through clear explanations, engaging demonstrations, interactive Q&A sessions, collaborative discussions, and hands-on individual and pair-work practice using our signature clay modeling approach.

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Recommended reading

Read the book Autism and the Seeds of Change
By Abigail Marshall and Ronald D. Davis

Who should enroll?

This workshop is designed for parents, family members, educators, health assistants and therapists working with:

  • a child (or children) under the age of eight who demonstrates autistic characteristics and is struggling to meet early childhood development milestones
  • a non-speaking autistic individual of any age


This course does not include certification or licensing for commercial use of the Davis brand and trademarks; such use requires extensive additional training. Please see our Careers Page for more information on how to become a licensed Davis Facilitator.

Workshop format and timeframe

Select from a variety of global locations, time zones and languages offering the Davis® Stepping Stones Workshop, designed for group participation both in person and online.


Our in-person workshop is an immersive, enjoyable, and altogether unforgettable experience.

Alongside like-minded individuals and in a fun and supportive environment, you will experience first-hand how the Davis tools and techniques work. You’ll take home a whole new understanding of neurodivergent thinking and learning, as well as actionable new skills for use in your own life and in supporting your student or loved one.


The online format is an equally stimulating and enjoyable learning experience. This is no dry webinar. We employ a host of creative innovations to ensure the same dynamic, social, hands-on experience that you would expect from any Davis methods workshop. Features of the online workshop experience include:

  • “Camera-on,” “mic-on” video conferencing for real-time interaction
  • Short video demonstrations of our main procedures in a face-to-face setting
  • Hands-on demonstrations of other key procedures
  • Adapted pair-work practice in “breakout rooms”
  • Content review and Q&A sessions to reinforce learning as you progress
  • In-session use of clay for hands-on experience of Davis Symbol Mastery


The Davis® Stepping Stones Workshop takes two full days (16 hours). This applies to both the in-person and online formats.


Ready to unlock the potential?

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Join us for the Davis® Stepping Stones Workshop and embark on a journey of empowerment and understanding. Contact us now to secure your spot and take the first step toward making a positive impact in the lives of younger children and non-speaking autistic individuals. Let’s unlock their potential together!

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