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the value of a fulfilling career

Do you dream of a career that’s both rewarding and heart-centered, allowing you to make a priceless difference every single day while maintaining a good work-life balance?

Are you in search of a flexible career that adapts to and supports your busy lifestyle?

Would you like to fast-track your career without the burden of traditional college debt or many years of higher education?

A career as a Davis Facilitator is a fantastic opportunity that uniquely checks all the boxes for those seeking work-life balance, rewarding work, autonomy, excellent pay, and sustainability.

Our Facilitator Training program provides a transformative journey where you can learn, grow, and tap into your heart-centered career aspirations. We invite you to become an expert in the rapidly growing field of neurodiversity, offering life-changing services tailored to your clients and to your schedule.

What makes a Davis career different?

Davis is unique in that our goal is always to address the root cause and make life-changing transformations for all those who come through our doors. Davis Facilitator Training is no different. If your current situation has you feeling uninspired, we can help!

Davis Facilitator training provides experiential learning that empowers caring individuals to become experts in the rapidly growing and highly rewarding field of neurodiversity. With two entry points, you can choose to specialize in helping those with Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia, Dysgraphia, and ADHD, or start with a specialization in Autism, Executive Functioning, Cognitive Coaching, and Life Skills Coaching. 

If you are unsure which entry point would be best for you, contact us for a free discovery call!

How you will learn during Davis Facilitator training

In both routes of Davis® Facilitator training, you’ll engage in hands-on, experiential learning within a supportive group setting. Workshops and independent study are combined, offering numerous opportunities for practical experience under supervision and in a practicum setting.

Interactive hands-on workshops – in-person or online

Whether you participate in-person or online, our experienced instructors will lead you through theory and practice, encouraging interactive discussions and hands-on exercises. With small group sizes ensuring quality training, each workshop day is carefully structured, covering essential topics through clear explanations, engaging demonstrations, Q&A sessions, and hands-on practice using our clay modeling approach.

Practical experience – supervised and independent

Workshops are interspersed with periods of independent practical experience and reflection. The training culminates with completion of full trainee programs, working with actual clients and submitting case studies for final evaluation.

Insights, strategies and skills

Overall, you’ll gain deep insights into yourself and neurodiversity, along with a solid understanding of Davis methods, practical skills, and effective strategies needed to become a successful Davis Facilitator.

What happens after Facilitator training

Upon completing the training, you will receive an official license in the Davis® Methods, enabling you to work with clients on a one-on-one basis on your own schedule. Supported by our worldwide network of Davis® facilitators and your local Davis® Hub, you’ll receive referrals of potential clients and opportunities for ongoing professional development.

Working with approximately 20 one-week clients per year (covering Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia, and ADHD) or 10 flexibly scheduled clients per year (focusing on Autism, Executive Function, Cognitive Coaching, Life Skills Coaching) establishes a career with earnings equivalent to a full-time job, while allowing for a flexible schedule and optimal work-life balance.

Training Timeframe

The training typically takes about one year, and is designed in segments to allow participants to continue working until licensure is reached. It is possible to begin generating client income within six months, however, as you facilitate clients through your practicum. 


Imagine having an interesting, fulfilling, and impactful career with a schedule that allows for true work/life balance and flexibility!


Davis Facilitator with happy client

“My Davis career has spanned almost 20 years and I have loved every minute of it! The joy of working with amazing clients and seeing their lives change has filled me up and kept me engaged and excited for ‘work’ all of these years. Having come from a demanding and unfulfilling corporate job with 60 hour work-weeks, the flexibility of being a Davis facilitator has worked for me and my family in all phases of life. I was able to set my own schedule as a busy mom of two boys, build a thriving practice during their college years, and continue to grow in my “empty nest” and pre-retirement years. Davis has been the perfect career – my life has been full, happy, and successful. I wouldn’t change a thing!”

Karen LoGiudice, Davis® Facilitator since 2006, USA


Escape the grind: become a Davis Facilitator, make a real difference, and thrive!


Ready to unlock potential?

If you’re passionate about making a difference and supporting individuals facing learning challenges such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia (including dysgraphia and dyspraxia), and dyscalculia, we can help you make the magic happen. We’ll assist you in developing the necessary knowledge and skills and give you extensive support as you establish and grow your own business as a licensed Davis® facilitator.

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