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All around the world, Davis is making a difference every day. We’re passionate about empowering neurodivergent individuals who experience difficulties with their learning and in their life, by providing the personalized support they need to understand what’s holding them back – and how to break through those barriers.

Whether you’re an adult or a child, whether you struggle with ADHD, autism, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dyslexia, dyspraxia, or executive function difficulties, we are experts who understand neurodiversity ‘from the inside’ and can help you realize your true potential.

A distinctly different approach

Working one-to-one with clients facing a wide variety of difficulties, we help you understand the root cause of both the perceptual gifts AND the challenges that accompany neurodivergent thinking.

Then, using proven strength-based tools and effective learning strategies, we help you quickly unlock your innate ability to learn and effectively navigate life.
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At Davis, we love lightbulb moments. Every little realization, significant step forward or major breakthrough inspires and excites us just as much as it does our clients. It’s what motivates us to help you achieve even more than anyone ever thought possible…

With deep and personal knowledge of the frustrations and challenges you face, we can deliver incredible results that leave you jumping with joy, crying with relief – and feeling unbelievably proud.

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Want to understand the root cause of your difficulties? Or to get help with reading & writing, math, attention, autism, social & emotional development, co-ordination & balance?  We can help.

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Get the help you deserve. Highly trained Davis facilitators and mentors are available worldwide to help children, adults, and teachers achieve their goals in an enjoyable and effective way.

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Transforming learning and lives

Practical help with proven results

We blend insider-understanding with self-regulation tools and engaging, hands-on techniques. This multisensory approach works for all kinds of learners, whatever their age, but especially for creative, imaginative, out-of-the-box thinkers who struggle with traditional educational methods and environments.

Inspiring breakthroughs

At Davis, clients often arrive feeling frustrated or ‘broken’, and leave with a new sense of self-confidence, self-awareness, and strength-based strategies for lifelong learning.

Find your way forward

People who think differently require a different approach. Davis is different.

That’s why you’ll enjoy our alternative, holistic and personalized programs facilitated 1:1 in a respectful and non-judgmental way.

Building on your strengths, you’ll be able to focus your innate intelligence and gifts on developing the understanding and skills you need to thrive alongside everyone else. There’ll be no stopping you!

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We know how it feels…

Our founder, Ron Davis, spent years discovering how to overcome his own severe autism and dyslexia, and he has been empowering others to do the same since 1981.

Our facilitator training is steeped in Ron’s wisdom and experience, and Davis facilitators often have direct experience of being neurodivergent themselves or having family members with learning differences.

These insights put us in a unique position to combine our personal experiences with game-changing learning programs that deliver positive outcomes time and time again.

Imagine being able to master the alphabet (forwards and backwards) in a day, or feel confident with math in a week, or understand yourself and feel in control of your life for the first time ever.

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“Things have gotten 1,000 times easier! I used to look at a book and think ‘that’s a lot of words’, but last night I actually read them.”

Dyslexia client, aged 9
Ontario, Canada

“One of the unique things about the Davis Autism Approach, is that Ron Davis really understands autism from the inside. His program truly reaches to the core of who my son is.”

Mother of Autism client
New Zealand

“We did the [Davis Mastery for Dyslexia] program and what a difference! Lexi is a different child. Lexi not only is reading at her grade level, but she understands what she is reading. If she doesn’t understand something she knows what questions to ask.”

Parent of Dyslexia client
Georgia, USA

“The Davis Mastery for Math program matched the pace my child needed to learn. I witnessed my son grasp concepts with speed and clarity, growing in confidence and excitement to learn more. Math very quickly became his favorite subject. We were both blown away by how quickly years of lost learning were set in a foundation which became easy to build upon. ”

Mother of Dyscalculia client, aged 10

“All the things they say should happen after the Davis Dyslexia program, have happened. It’s made a huge difference in his reading and writing. As a parent I can endorse it 100 percent. I don’t work with dyslexic kids myself, but I’ve never seen anything like this program.”

Bob Lee, Headmaster and Parent
British Columbia, Canada

“The program is about so much more than just focus. It’s a whole new way of being in tune with oneself and living life to the fullest. It enables a harmonious connection between thoughts, emotions, actions and therefore my interaction with the world. Putting order within myself. Which is why it is so specific and so cosmic at times. This is amazing!”

ADHD client (Concepts for Life program), aged 26
Madrid, Spain

“This program is the weirdest thing – this is working! I have undergone changes that mean I can now understand information in the ‘paper world’. It’s possible to be less angry – the feeling is like freedom! Here we are at the end of the week, and something has worked. It feels like hope is planted in the soil.”

Dyslexia client, adult
British Columbia, Canada

“The Davis Autism Approach program kept my Autistic son engaged and focused while also having fun and learning. The process unfolded gradually as he modeled clay and learned new concepts. My son came away much calmer, focused and with new tools to self-regulate and manage his emotions.”

Mother of Autistic client, aged 12

“His maths teacher was hugely complimentary about your work with him (and quite emotional about his Common Entrance result!) today, as was his science teacher who noted the dramatic improvement in his ability after your sessions. He is the only non-scholarship student to win the headmasters academic endeavour award! Your ears must be constantly burning with the amount of times I sing your praises to everyone!”

Mother of Dyscalculia client, aged 12

“Until I started the Davis program, I couldn’t catch a ball consistently. Now anytime I want to, I can catch a ball or the car keys! When I was young, the playground was my personal hell. I was usually the last to be picked for a team. The Davis Program changed my life and self-esteem.”

Adult client with Dyslexia and Dyspraxia
New Zealand

“The Davis Orientation tools enable me to focus without stifling my creativity. When on ADHD medication, my thought process was ‘stuck’. I’m thrilled – I will never be taking it… ever again!”

ADHD client, aged 23
Massachusetts, USA

“My 7 year old was struggling with dyslexia and keeping up at school. The ‘Davis Foundations for Reading’ sessions transformed her reading journey and helped her to not only be able to read but to actually enjoy it. The facilitator was gentle and patient and made the whole experience positive.”

Mother of Foundations for Reading client, aged 7

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Whether you are looking for a new career, or for new tools to help individuals 1:1 or in a classroom, we offer a comprehensive range of professional training for future Davis facilitators, homeschooling parents, educators, Special Educational Needs (SEN), and other therapeutic support specialists keen to make a difference using our innovative and effective methods.

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