Davis® Research

Research is the cornerstone of progress, guiding us towards deeper understanding and breakthroughs. That’s why this page serves as a hub, gathering independent research on Davis methods and the scientific rationale behind them.

Researchers’ independent exploration of Davis methods

The beauty of Davis techniques lies in their simplicity and profound impact. Ron Davis’s books, translated into more than a dozen different languages, describe the methods in detail and have inspired independent research by many educators with no direct ties to Davis or the Davis organizations.

Since 2001, Davis methods have been the direct subject of more than two dozen scholarly articles, conference papers, and academic dissertations from researchers across the globe, in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand, as well as North America.

Research into Davis® methods for dyslexia, dyscalculia and ADHD

To see articles and research relating to Davis methods for dyslexia, dyscalculia and ADHD, explore Davis Research.

Research into Davis® methods for Autism

For more information on research into Davis methods for autism, see below.

Research into Davis® Learning Strategies in the classroom

For research into Davis Learning Strategies for primary teachers, SEN professionals and schools, and case studies tracking the effect of these simple, innovative and effective tools in the classroom, visit Davis Learn.


“The emerging outcome data from this gentle but powerful developmental program, created by Autistic engineer Ron Davis, is clinically remarkable.”

Dr. Jacinta Ryan
Clinical Psychologist


The story doesn’t end there…

Introducing Dr. Jacinta Ryan, a Senior Clinical Psychologist and founder of Developing Me Psychology in Melbourne, Australia. Since 2016, Dr. Ryan and her team have embarked on groundbreaking research—the world’s first independent study into the Davis Concepts for Life® and Davis Autism Approach®. With a team of clinicians, educators, and neurodivergent co-researchers, they aim to examine whether this approach could improve the lives and wellbeing of Autistic and Neurodivergent children, teenagers and adults.

As the results unfolded, Dr. Ryan expressed her excitement: “The emerging outcome data from this gentle but powerful developmental program, created by Autistic engineer Ron Davis, is clinically remarkable. (It is actually far better than the skeptical part of me could have ever envisaged). And it has transformed the way we think about Autism and how we offer therapy at Developing Me Psychology.” (Ryan, 2024)

For those interested in delving deeper, Dr. Ryan’s website offers insights into their pioneering research. Additionally, the Ron Davis Autism Foundation website serves as a valuable resource for further exploration into the Davis Concepts for Life and Autism Approach programs.


Ryan, Dr. J. (2024, March 1). Discover. Retrieved from Developing Me Psychology: https://www.developingmepsychology.com.au/discover