Davis® Learning Strategies Workshop

We understand…

the challenges of meeting diverse learning needs

Are you a teacher struggling to meet the diverse learning needs of your students, provide individualized instruction, and maintain engagement among all learners, particularly for those who appear disinterested or struggle to focus?

Are you a teacher or school leader finding it challenging to manage disruptive behavior in your classroom or school, especially with students who exhibit behavioral difficulties?

Are you a professional providing educational support and feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of students requiring assistance with learning difficulties, and the limited resources available to support them?

Would you like…

More effective strategies for managing (and even reducing) disruptive behavior and fostering a positive learning environment in your classroom?

Simple, innovative and effective teaching tools that level the playing field, significantly reduce the onset of learning difficulties, and allow ALL students to learn, regardless of their learning style?

Greater awareness and understanding into how bright but struggling learners think, and learn how to empower them to become independent and confident in their learning?

All this is possible with Davis Learning Strategies (DLS)!

As an educator, you have the privilege of witnessing the individuality of each learner in your classroom. It is evident that neurodiversity is real, and until now, accommodating different learning styles has been a complex task. However, it doesn’t have to be.

Introducing Davis Learning Strategies, a simple yet highly effective research-based approach that will equip you to meet the diverse learning needs in your classroom, ensuring that every student is able to harness their talents and thrive.


What are the Davis Learning Strategies?

Davis Learning Strategies (DLS) are versatile, creative, and multisensory, seamlessly integrating with any curriculum to engage and support struggling learners. Effective for Kindergarten-grade 3 teachers and learning support professionals, DLS develop proficient readers by age 9 and equip students with lifelong learning skills. Implementation reduces learning difficulties and behavioral issues while increasing referrals for Gifted & Talented programs.

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Benefits of DLS in your classroom

Educators and schools who have integrated the Davis Learning Strategies into their teaching practices have witnessed remarkable outcomes, including:

  • A significant decrease in the need for learning interventions, enabling professionals providing educational support to dedicate more attention to students facing additional learning challenges.
  • A significant increase in referrals for Gifted & Talented programs, raising classroom standards and enriching the learning environment for all students.
  • Students assuming ownership of their learning journey.
  • Increased productivity among students.
  • Improved self-regulation skills.
  • Reduction in behavioral incidents.
Students mastering Math words at Omega International School in Chennai, India.
Students mastering Math words at Omega International School in Chennai, India.

Benefits of DLS for your school

Training all teachers in a grade or across a school presents a remarkable opportunity to integrate the inclusive, social, and economic benefits of Davis Learning Strategies into the school’s culture, fostering long-term advantages for the entire educational community, encompassing students and their families, as well as teachers and support personnel.

Discover the transformative power of Davis® Learning Strategies in this short video, where we highlight the remarkable results they have delivered in schools all over the world.

If you are a school leader, please see the section below about Maximizing value for School Leadership.

Classroom using DLS
Classroom using DLS
Students using Davis® Learning Strategies at Omega International School in Chennai, India.

What is the Davis Learning Strategies Workshop?

The Davis Learning Strategies Workshop is a comprehensive two-day program designed for K-3 teachers, support professionals, and school leaders. Gain valuable insights, proven strategies, and practical support to reach every student effectively. Experience immediate results in your classroom and foster a positive learning environment for all learners.

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This intensive workshop will equip you with:

Effective strategies for a positive learning environment

  • Enrich your teaching approach with practical mental strategies, fostering self-awareness and self-regulation for a calmer and more effective classroom environment.
  • Implement strategies to foster greater self-awareness and effective self-regulation in your students, empowering them to take control of their focus and energy levels and improve their emotional well-being.
  • Help your students develop essential lifelong “how to learn” skills.
  • Experience a significant reduction in behavioral issues.
Student with paper Dial
Student with paper Dial

Innovative teaching tools that work for all students

  • Learn research-based methods that seamlessly integrate into and enhance any existing curriculum.
  • Equip yourself with engaging tools and strategies suitable for ALL learners, regardless of their learning style or level, tapping into their creative learning process and making learning interactive, enjoyable, and effective.
  • Enhance hand-eye coordination, a foundational skill crucial for literacy development.
  • Strengthen attention skills, improving students’ ability to stay focused and on task.
  • Develop robust literacy skills, including mastery of letters, punctuation, and sight words.
  • Boost pre-reading and reading skills, improving the performance of all students in your class, regardless of their learning style.

Understanding and ability to empower struggling learners

  • Gain insights into the diverse learning styles and embrace the strengths of all your students, guiding them towards greater self-awareness and regulation, thereby enhancing their ability to maintain focus, regulate energy levels, and manage their emotional well-being
  • Proactively support students at risk of developing learning difficulties, providing them with foundational learning skills using methods that work for them, and which will allow them to keep pace with their peers and thrive academically.
  • Elevate students’ self-esteem and motivation through meaningful success experiences, fostering a genuine enthusiasm for learning.
  • Join a supportive network for ongoing learning beyond the workshop. Attend bi-monthly meetings with a DLS Mentor and other DLS-trained teachers to share experiences and insights. This year-long mentorship will give you the support you need to seamlessly integrate the new tools and strategies into your teaching practice, for lasting growth and maximum impact on your students’ learning journey.

“The biggest change that I have seen in this first semester of using Davis? Short and simple: energy management.”

GF, Primary School Teacher, Switzerland

“There has been a remarkable improvement in reading, writing, spelling and math progress with my students. Growth in self-confidence is tremendous. These students have been given practical skills that equal success.”

D.D., Elementary Teacher, Greater Vancouver Distance Education School, Canada

“In the children I saw change: caring for one another, helping each other, and realizing that no one in the class is stupid.”

S.V., Educator, South Africa

“The Davis tools that helped me the most were doing Releases and checking my Dial. It helped the most when I was about to do a test or when I was feeling nervous or anxious about something. I still use these tools now in high school, so I can really focus and do my best, because they help me put things in perspective. Sometimes I use them without even realizing.”

Student at Waimate High School, New Zealand. This student, who was below national standard in the 2011 school trial, received the top Year 8 academic award in 2017.

“After starting DLS, one of my targeted boys changed from hitting me and throwing items around the room/demolishing the room, to wanting to learn and write independently. A noticeable change in his attitude, de-escalating from anger to a boy who could manage his reactions and learning.”

Teacher, DLS workshop participant, 2018

What you will learn

In the Davis Learning Strategies workshop, you will gain expertise in a step-by-step approach perfect for teaching students essential learning and reading skills that will turn them into strong readers by the end of Grade 3. In practice, this involves training you to teach:

Davis® Focusing Skills

Through simple relaxation and focus exercises, children develop the ability to be both physically and mentally focused on their learning tasks. They learn techniques to maintain and direct their attention effectively, setting the stage for optimal engagement and learning success.

Kindergarten students learning their letters
Kindergarten students learning their letters

Davis Symbol Mastery®

Through Davis Symbol Mastery, students embark on a hands-on journey to master the alphabet, punctuation marks, and basic sight words. Using engaging clay modeling techniques, they explore these fundamental elements in a creative and enjoyable manner, breaking away from traditional pencil-paper activities and drills. Initially, students delve into this learning adventure without the need for pen and paper, allowing for a tactile approach to mastering language essentials.

Grade 1 student mastering sight words
Grade 1 student mastering sight words

Davis® Mastery of Basic Words

Mastery of basic words is achieved through Davis’ creative and multisensory methods. Learning is easy from a relaxed state where one’s own creativity is used. This approach takes students further on their literacy journey by enabling them to truly master the spelling, pronunciation (sound), and meaning of the most common words encountered in reading. These ‘sight words’ (the, of, if, and, was, etc.) form the foundation of reading proficiency for learners of all types. Through this stage, students solidify their understanding of language fundamentals, empowering them to become confident and proficient readers.

Grade 2 student mastering sight words
Grade 2 student mastering sight words

Reading exercises

In addition to mastering focus skills, students learn various reading exercises to enhance their reading experience and prevent errors, making reading enjoyable for all. These are designed to improve word recognition and comprehension, which can be used independently or in conjunction with other reading programs.

After completing the two-day workshop, you can immediately implement these techniques in the classroom. They’ll help you create a safe learning environment that’s relaxed, flexible, and provides deeper insights into the learning process for all students.


“We didn’t realize how behind Z was until he started at (School I). After 2 years at a regular school, he still hadn’t learnt how to properly form letters. Using the Davis learning techniques, after just one term, he was improving dramatically and by the end of last year, after just three terms, he jumped up 2 years in his learning from when he started at (School I). He also won the junior achievement award. All aspects of his schoolwork have improved immensely and he is now proud of his work and doesn’t even mind doing homework. Because with the Davis learning strategies, everyone is taught them, so he didn’t feel like he was the dumb one being picked out to learn on his own, which has upset him in the past.”

Parent of DLS student

“Release, it’s like breathing all the bad stuff out… It’s really powerful, it helps me put away the stuff that stops me doing what I desperately need to do. My dial gives me thinking time. I put my dial on 5 and it makes class time a lot easier, math is easier, reading too… When I don’t focus and I have my dial on 7, then everything goes wrong.”

D., 7 year old boy, about using his DLS tools

“DLS was implemented in Omega School for children with Differential Learning Needs. DLS helped all the students in improving their reading skills, compression, attention span, and cognitive skills. The children also developed behavior regulation and improved their socializing skills. DLS has created a joyful learning environment in the school!”

Priti Venkatesan, Unit Head, Indigo Heartful Kids, inclusive branch of Omega International School.

Who should enroll?

The Davis Learning Strategies Workshop is primarily intended for those wishing to work with children of mixed learning styles in a classroom environment. This includes Kindergarten-grade 3 teachers, learning support professionals, school leaders and educators of students aged 5-9 who struggle with reading and behavior in a school context.

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Maximizing value for School Leadership

The whole school advantage

All the important associated benefits of empowered teachers and thriving students make the initial investment in Davis Learning Strategies highly worthwhile.

From the perspective of school leadership, adopting a whole-school approach to Davis Learning Strategies offers substantial financial, managerial, and branding advantages. As evidenced in the video above, investing in comprehensive teacher training across your institution can lead to significant benefits for students, their families, teachers, and support staff.

Moreover, such an approach promises numerous long-term organizational and business advantages for the school itself. These include mitigating the causes contributing to teacher turnover, attracting and retaining quality educators through the raised classroom standards and enriched learning environment, alleviating pressure on Special Educational Support departments through a significant reduction in the incidence of learning difficulties, and attracting more students through quality teaching and a positive learning environment.

Ultimately, these myriad benefits, which result from Davis Learning Strategies empowering teachers and facilitating student success, render the initial investment in the workshop highly worthwhile.

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Value of DLS mentorship for maximum ROI

Following the introduction of DLS to Omega School in 2014, the number of children being referred from the mainstream to Indigo [Special Education Unit] for Special Educational Needs assessment steadily dropped from 25 per year to just one or two, even though there are over 6,000 students in our school. That is when the school knew the ‘DLS experiment’ had worked. In 2022, Indigo was opened to support children from other schools.

The Davis Learning Strategies can be provided as an annual package to the entire primary school team, with the roll-out beginning with the lower grades. This comprehensive package includes a predetermined number of hours of expert support from a DLS mentor. Research has shown that engaging the DLS Mentorship Package leads to greater success in implementing the Davis Learning Strategies both in the classroom and across the school. Supported teachers are more engaged, perform at a higher level, implement the methods more effectively in their classrooms, and consequently achieve more impactful results faster.

At LMOIS, we’re proud to have over 100 teachers trained in DLS, along with three DLS Mentors and 2 licensed Davis Facilitators. We strongly believe that implementing these strategies nurtures holistic growth in children, preventing learning difficulties and unlocking the potential of every student. Many of our senior teachers have also received DLS training.

However, more mentors are needed. Once a teacher gets trained in DLS, if you don’t give them proper mentoring support to help them integrate the new methods into their classroom routine, they can forget the techniques and become discouraged. Mentoring and handholding is essential for teachers to succeed. At Indigo, we ensure that all teachers receive the support they need, and that’s why it’s working out so well.

Priti Venkatesan, Unit Head, Indigo Heartful Kids, inclusive branch of Omega International School.

How you will learn

Join our two-day workshop to explore Davis Learning Strategies in a supportive and engaging group setting. Whether you join us in person or virtually, our highly experienced instructors will guide you through theory and practice, fostering interactive discussions and hands-on exercises and giving you the sound understanding and practical skills you’ll need to effectively and inclusively support every student in your classroom.

With limited group size to ensure the highest quality of training, each day of the workshop is meticulously structured to cover essential topics, delivered through clear explanations, engaging demonstrations, Q&A sessions, and hands-on individual and pair-work practice using our signature clay modeling approach.

From my past experience with DLS as a teacher at Strath Taieri, DLS did change my practice and deepen my understanding of learners and the range of ways we learn and think. As the Principal of Hinds School, I am conscious of bringing us back to thinking about the tools and the learner, and how we can use the tools to better support our students to be in a focused state to be able to engage in learning, rather than stick with the “they are ‘just not engaged, can’t sit still, home background’” type of comments.

School Principal (2018), Hinds School, New Zealand

Workshop format and timeframe

The group workshop can be conveniently accessed either online or in person, offering flexibility to suit your preferences. Select from a variety of global locations, time zones and languages offering the Davis Learning Strategies Workshop.


If you have nine or more teachers interested in training, consider hosting a workshop at your location! Our in-person workshop is an immersive, enjoyable, and altogether unforgettable experience.

Alongside like-minded individuals and in a fun and supportive environment, you will experience first-hand how the Davis tools and techniques work. You’ll take home a whole new understanding of neurodivergent thinking and learning, as well as actionable new skills for use in your own life and in supporting your student or loved one.

Teacher workshop in Hamilton, New Zealand
Teacher workshop in Hamilton, New Zealand


The online format is an equally stimulating and enjoyable learning experience. This is no dry webinar. We employ a host of creative innovations to ensure the same dynamic, social, hands-on experience that you would expect from any Davis methods workshop. Features of the online workshop experience include:

  • “Camera-on,” “mic-on” video conferencing for real-time interaction
  • Short video demonstrations of our main procedures in a face-to-face setting
  • Hands-on demonstrations of other key procedures
  • Adapted pair-work practice in “breakout rooms”
  • Content review and Q&A sessions to reinforce learning as you progress
  • In-session use of clay for hands-on experience of Davis Symbol Mastery


The workshop takes two full days (16 hours). This applies to both the in person and online formats.

Ready to unlock potential?

Empower all your students with engaging learning methods and self-regulation tools! Join the Davis Learning Strategies Workshop today and transform your classroom into a nurturing environment for every learning style. Witness student growth, enhance their joy of learning, and make a lasting impact on their education. Let’s unlock their potential together!

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