Davis Autism Approach®

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Do you long for a life where everyday experiences don’t become a source of stress and overwhelm for yourself or your child?

Do unexpected changes in routine or in your environment cause confusion and make the world feel perplexing and maybe even scary?

Do you or your child struggle with relationships, or feel at a loss to understand emotions or interpret social cues?

The Davis Autism Approach® is your guide to clarity, providing solutions that address the challenges and perplexities of navigating a complex world.

Imagine a world where autism is not a barrier but simply a part of what makes you extraordinary. Our shared aspiration is to help you embrace your autism, supporting you as you turn your challenges into opportunities for growth and self-discovery.

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Who is Davis Autism Approach® for?

Any autistic individual aged eight years or over, who has receptive language (i.e. they can understand what is being said) can benefit from this life-changing program.

If an individual does not yet have receptive language, we can still help. However, their Davis Autism journey will take a different path, starting with the Davis® Stepping Stones Program before leading on to the Davis Autism Approach.

How Davis Autism Approach® works

Created by an autistic individual as a roadmap for autistic individuals, the Davis Autism Approach® is a holistic, respectful, and effective roadmap to clarity and understanding that will enable you or your loved one to unlock inherent gifts, and feel empowered to participate fully in the life that you/they choose.

As you journey through the program, you’ll engage with, reflect on, and master a series of essential life concepts that underpin and explain the mechanics of life. Learning occurs in a structured yet natural way as you model each concept in plasteline clay and then experience it in your environment. The whole program is geared towards fostering understanding, empowerment, and personal growth.

Benefits of the program

These are some of the most common positive changes experienced by our clients, and which have also been confirmed through independent research:

Improved wellbeing

Experience a sense of empowerment as you navigate life with greater self-awareness, the ability to create boundaries and manage stress, with less anxiety and overwhelm.

Increased sense of safety

Enjoy the freedom to feel safe, equipped with greater understanding and tools that will help you better manage yourself, reducing sensory overload symptoms and meltdowns.

Strengthened relationships

Become well-equipped to navigate the intricacies of daily interactions and relationships without the need to rote learn behaviors or social skills.

Enhanced resilience

Increase your flexibility of thinking, capacity to cope with change and willingness to try new things.

Taking control of your life

Learn how to effortlessly create change and order, and take responsibility for your life. Gain a sense of control and mastery – transforming confusion and chaos into clarity and certainty.

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“The Davis Program did not try to fix me or make me normal. It let me keep being myself, but helped me understand this world I have to live in.”

Davis Autism Approach® client, completed program aged 12
New Zealand

What you can expect

You’ll be guided by a highly trained and caring Davis Autism Approach® Facilitator, who will accompany you on your journey and provide:

A tailored program

We specialize in delivering a personalized approach that caters to the unique strengths and challenges of each individual. Our approach is centered around you – your interests, your needs and your pace. We will also train your support person so that they can be there to help you use your new tools in daily life.

Holistic support

Our gentle approach enhances self-awareness, self-regulation, and emotional awareness in ways that you will not have experienced before. Through our signature and uniquely explorative approach, fundamental cognitive concepts including change, cause & effect, time, order & disorder, emotion, motivation, responsibility, and relationships become a natural part of how you think and experience life. This unlocks new ways to make sense of the world, empowering you to participate more fully in your life, while retaining the essence of who you are as an autistic individual.

No behavioral or rote learning

The Davis approach is not behavioral. It is neurodevelopmental. It does not focus on teaching behaviors, but on supporting and nurturing the natural development of the individual, removing the barriers that have been causing the challenges. The Davis Autism Approach program prioritizes experiential learning, making every moment memorable and a priceless opportunity for growth.

Expert guidance

Our program is facilitated by highly trained, experienced facilitators who understand and care. We provide expert guidance throughout your journey, offering impactful support rooted in our deep understanding of autistic reality.


“What inspired me to help others with autism is that I am myself autistic. I know what it feels like and I know the limitations that exist as a result of it. I realized that, given I had found my own way through this chaos [of autism], I could provide a ‘map’ for others of my kind to follow – then there would be value in my existence. The Davis Autism Approach is my best effort at providing that map.”

Ron Davis, Founder of the Davis Autism Approach®

“Simply put, the Davis therapy has allowed us to meet our son for the very first time. We thank God every day for answering our prayers by introducing this program to our family.”

Daniel and Sara, parents of Autism Approach client

“This program has enabled me to become who I’m meant to be, rather than pushing me out in a predetermined shape. It helps the good parts of my autism to shine through, so I can be my best self. And that’s so important, because those of us with autism really do have something to contribute to this world.”

Samantha, 16, Davis Autism Approach® client

Program format and timeframe

The time it takes to complete a Davis Autism Approach Program is flexible according to each individual’s needs; however, a typical program will take somewhere between 60 and 120 hours (2 – 4 weeks). Our approach involves wrap-around support, which means that a support person has the opportunity to be involved in the program every step of the way.

It is always an individualized program, and it can be delivered either in person or online, in a variety of different ways. A Davis facilitator can:

  • Guide the autistic individual and their support person through the entire program.
  • Coach the support person to work with the individual at home.
  • Use a combination of working directly with the individual and coaching the support person.
  • Conduct sessions face-to-face or, when appropriate, online.

Support on your journey

At Davis, our core belief is that autistic individuals have great potential and don’t need to be ‘fixed’. You simply need a road map to help you materialize what you would like to achieve in your lifetime. The Davis Autism Approach is that road map. Let the Davis Autism Approach be your partner on this transformative journey into a world where you can thrive.


What happens next…

Join us as we guide you through each stage of your journey with Davis. We encourage you to ask as many questions as you’d like along the way, ensuring you feel empowered and confident that Davis is the right fit for you.


Free Discovery Call

To find out more about Davis, our programs and workshops, we invite you to book a complimentary Discovery Call and spend up to 30 minutes confidentially sharing details of your situation with us. This will help you start to get an idea of which Davis solutions could be of value.


Initial Assessment

If what you hear resonates, schedule an Initial Assessment meeting (in person or online).

For many Autism program assessments, this stage is covered in two meetings (if appropriate to your situation) – first with a family member, then with the autistic individual themselves.



At or following the Initial Assessment, your facilitator will:

  • Determine whether Davis is suitable for you and your situation
  • Recommend which program is best for your needs
  • Indicate appropriate next steps


Book a program

If you and your facilitator feel that Davis is a good fit, at this point, you can book a program.


Program delivery

Your Davis program is delivered one-to-one by an expert facilitator. This can be done in person or online.

Autism programs are flexible in their scheduling and duration and can take between 60 and 100+ hours, spread across several weeks/months. The duration can vary enormously and will depend on each client and their individual situation.


Program follow up

  • Program follow up work as needed

All program packages provide you with:

  • Training of a support person
  • Telephone and email support post-program
  • Access to follow up review sessions (in person or online)

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Find a Davis Facilitator near you or contact us to discuss your options.

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